Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How GMMSO4 Helps Business Managers in Finding Potential Foreign Markets
Global Marketing Management System Online, 4th Edition, or GMMSO4 is a web-based strategic international business software developed by Janavaras & Associates International (JAI). According to JAI, it will help your company enter or expand its presence into foreign markets. GMMSO4 provides a comprehensive, systematic, integrative, and strategic marketing planning process designed to guide managers through a corporate decision-making process with reference to seeking opportunities and attaining global market share. The GMMSO approach finds its theoretical and empirical justification from the international business and strategic management literature.

According to international marketing experts, the main content of a global strategic marketing plan that guides strategic and tactical marketing decisions usually covers four areas – market situation analysis, objectives for each country, strategies & resource allocation, and action plans (for each marketing mix element). Also, there are four stages when it comes to the development of a global marketing plan:

      Deciding whether to globalize
      Deciding which markets to enter
      Developing market entry strategies
      Designing the global marketing program – developing the international marketing mix
   Implementing and coordinating the global marketing program according to the allocation of marketing resources indicated in the marketing budget.

Challenging Task of Bringing Real World to a Training Environment

When designing GMMSO4 software, the developers have faced the challenging task of bringing the real world into the training environment and to make the project realistic. Yet, the developers successfully fulfilled that task. The main aim of GMMSO4 is to assist marketing managers as well as students to research global markets and develop effective international marketing plans and strate­gies. GMMOS4 provides the much intended platform and a systematic step-by-step process needed to support users in their roles as manag­ers and decision makers in a global setting. It enables users to:

• Conduct a company situation analysis in global context
• Identify countries with high market potential for the company’s product/service
• Conduct and in-depth market/competitive analysis and select the best country market
• Determine the best entry mode strategy and develop the market­ing plan

The web-based GMMSO4 software leads to a systematic gathering and evaluating of informa­tion to build a learning experience that stimulates business managers using on­line resources. The expected outcome is a comprehensive and dynamic international marketing plan, which can be executed anywhere in the world. Business managers, working individually or in groups, have an opportunity to in­tegrate all functional business areas, assess the impact of environmen­tal forces on business decisions and bridge the gap between theory and practice.
Approach JAI for International Business Simulation Software

For conducting research and analysis on international markets, you can use a web-based simulation software like GMMSO4 provided by JAI at a budget-friendly price and customized to your business requirements. The main focus of this user-friendly global strategic planning software is to provide our clients with a systematic and practical approach to identifying global business opportunities and develop their international business strategies online.  

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