Monday, February 22, 2016

Are You Looking for an Effective Way to Teach International Business – GMMSO4 Can Help You

When it comes to teaching international business, instructors and teaching faculty has been facing one of the most important challenges – how to bring the real world into classroom or training environment. Many industry experts have recommended the need of a web-based platform that offers systematic step-by-step process to support students in their roles as future business managers and decision-makers in a global setting. Students are provided with an interactive, engaging, and innovative international business software which helps them to bridge the gap between theory and the rigorous decision making process of solving real, complex business problems. The Global Marketing Management System Online (GMMSO4) designed by Janavaras Associates International, Inc (JAI) which can be used for educational and business purposes.

Why the Need for Project based Learning Software Tool

GMMSO4 is essentially a project-based learning (PBL) software tool that can be used for
international business projects as a part of a course or on its own. These days, most academic establishments and training centers rely on internet technology to teach students. Also, research evidence seems to point out that one of the immediate consequences of increasing adoption of technology into the classroom is the shift from lecturer and lecture discussion to student-centric learning. This is where project-based learning tool like GMMSO4 plays an important role. According to many surveys conducted by instructors, GMMSO4 software enhanced the students’ international business understanding and improved their team-work and critical thinking skills.

Thus, GMMSO4 adopts student-centric classroom approach that involves discussion, critical analysis, and group work, and provides more opportunities for research and interactive discussions. According to academic experts, when student-centered learning approach is adopted by universities and training centers, there is high involvement and retention from students and lecturers adopt a more facilitative role rather than being a simple source of knowledge and expertise. Web-based GMMSO4 is entirely different from other simulation software available in the market in terms of features that include:

·         GMMSO4 is holistic
·         It is interactive and integrative
·         GMMSO4 is cognitive and experiential
·         Innovative and resourceful for both instructors and students
·         GMMSO4 is illustrative as it consists of many case studies
·         It is multidimensional

The main objective of GMMSO4 is to assist students as well as marketing managers to research global markets and develop effective global marketing strategies and plans. This global marketing management simulation software provides the much needed platform and offers a systematic step-by-step process needed to support students in their roles as managers and decision makers in a global setting. GMMSO4 enables its users to:

·         Conduct situation analysis of a business organization in global context
·         Identify high potential foreign markets for launching the company’s product or service
·         Determine the best entry mode strategy and create your unique marketing plan
·         Conduct an in-depth market analysis and choose the best foreign market

You can Ask for Instructor FREE TRIAL

If you are looking for an effective way to teach international business or global marketing, you can get the global marketing management teaching tools from Janavaras Associates International (JAI), located at 27 Capri Drive, Mankato, USA. You can ask for instructor free trial for trying the software to know whether it will meet your needs and requirements.

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