Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why Project based teaching / Learning tool ?

Projects in the classroom are as old as the classroom itself.
“Projects” can represent a range of tasks that can be done at home or in the classroom, by parents or groups of students, quickly or over time. While project based learning tool (PBL) also features projects, in PBL the focus is more on the process of learning and learner-peer-content interaction that the end-product itself.

Project based teaching tool | Project based learning tool

The learning process is also personalized in a progressive project based teaching environment by students asking important questions, and making changes to products and ideas based on individual and collective response to those questions. In PBL, the projects only serve as an infrastructure to allow users to play, experiment, use simulations, address authentic issues, and work with relevant peers and community members in pursuit of knowledge.

By design, project based learning is learner-centered. Students don’t simply choose between two highly academic projects to complete by a given date, but instead use the teacher’s experience to design and iterate products and projects–products and projects that often address issues or challenges that are important to them. 

Project based teaching tool | Project based learning tool

Project based teaching tool engages students in real projects for real corporations. Furthermore, this is an effective learning methodology which can be easily incorporated into a dynamic and challenging learning context such as international business education. Engaging in student-corporate collaboration on international business projects is, therefore, an excellent way to enhance student learning. However, when designing a  project-based learning course one must keep a learner perspective, but never neglect the goal of delivering value to corporate sponsors.  project based learning is defined in this paper and practical advice is given for the implementation of  project based learning and project-based teaching into international business courses. Corporations can benefit from working in collaboration with student teams and these benefits include access to cost-effective resources (students) and to the expertise provided by faculty. Furthermore, the skills and competencies gained by learners in PBL courses match those sought by companies who are beginning or developing their international business.

GMMSO4 as a Project Based Learning Tool

GMMSO4 software, International business software, can also be used as a project based learning (PBL) tool and Project based teaching tool for educational purposes in Universities, training centers and businesses alike. 
More specifically, this strategic planning management tool is used by:
  • Instructors teaching

             International business
             International management courses
             Global / International Marketing
             Global business strategy / policy

International business software

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